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Restaurant Review - Rusty Pig (Devon, England)

Restaurant Review - Rusty Pig (Devon, England)

The Rusty Pig!!  Having heardI finally got to have a taste of their delicious house-made cold meats and sausages.

Overview - Ambience & Service

The Rusty Pig is located in the heart of the village in Ottery-St. Mary.  We were lucky to have a guide tour of the restaurant and had  chat with the chef, Robin, about my special dietary requirements.  The restaurant is rustic, warm and friendly, everyone who worked there was passionate about what they did, so it was a bit like dining at home.

Food & Drink


It happened to be Valentine's Day on the night of our reservation, so we were served the 5-course set menu - Tipsy Beef, Toast dip in artichoke cream, battered squid with dumpling, sirloin with kidney pudding with a side of triple cooked chips and cheese or dessert.

The most impressive dish was the artichoke cream, it was rich and condense with a hint of artichoke flavour.  Squid and dumpling were equally delicious.  The beef, by contrast, was a bit rare and lacking seasoning.  Don't get me wrong, I love a good medium rare steak and the beef on the night was more like cold sliced beef rather than a wonderfully seared steak.  Overall, it was a lovely dining experience at The Rusty Pig.


Their wine list is a blend of new and old world, prices were a bit steep, so I'd suggest you get their beautiful Gin cocktails or just get a bottle of Rioja for the table.  Outside wine was not allowed.

Cost & Rating

The set dinner of £49/ head, the wine cost £80, we love the friendly staff and trattoria vibes.

Rating: 🍴🍴🍴(🍴) - 3.5/5

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